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The Adventure describes ongoing circumstances that arise during the campaign, related not only to the narrative and the defeating of monsters, but also to the lives of characters outside moments of danger and intrigue. The subject material includes managing the environment, moving and travelling through the setting, mastering tools and equipment, gaining allies, becoming rich and gathering materials and the inconsequentials necessary to increase the power, prestige and security of the player characters.

Everyday life, especially for characters embarking on daily adventures, has potentially endless details that need to be established in game terms. Most desirably, this should be done in a manner that makes this management simple and easy to remember ~ but this page seeks to expand the links below, as more and more definitions for things become necessary for game play. As rulings are made, and precedents set, it is still hoped that the following list should exist as an aid to play and imagination, particularly by assuring that all players understand these details in the same way.

While adventures are bold, risky undertakings, there is something important to be said for characters who put down roots, assembling groups of associates, contacts, perhaps even a family, while building an edifice that provides wealth, security and peace of mind. A home to come back to, after the adventuring is over. Quests become empty if there is nothing, and no one, to fight for.