Natural Abilities

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Natural Abilities are both magical and non-magical powers that can be performed at will, at a cost of only 1 action point. These powers are extraordinary, with many spell-like effects that do not require casting or discharging. They cannot be disrupted in combat, as spells can, because they are performed on the creature's turn; they have no verbal or somatic component and do not require concentration. Magical forms can be protected against. Their ongoing effects can be dispelled, but those that produce objects, enable travelling or summoning, cannot be counteracted in this way.

When a natural ability is similar to a spell, the range, duration and area of effect depends on the creature's hit dice or levels (whichever is highest).

List of Natural Abilities

The following is a list of identified natural abilities possessed by monsters. As not every monster's abilities are presently known, this list is necessarily incomplete.

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