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A form of bunkhouse, not related to the floor plan shown.

Bunkhouses are small barracks-like buildings used to house temporary workers. Typically the building is unheated, and not used in during times of the year when the temperature reaches less than brisk conditions (5°C or 40°F). They're commonly used to enable guild teamsters to rest when reaching a carter post after a long journey.

Bunkhouses may be much larger than the floor plan provided, which includes four bunks to support eight persons. Eight persons is treated as the minimum size. They're often staffed by a single domestic, often a young man or woman who sleeps in the room on a temporary pallet.

5 ft. per hex

A chamberpot is kept in the room and used as a toilet at night, which is carried out by the domestic through the night and in the morning as needed. Cooking and eating is done outdoors.


Bunkhouses are normally half-timbered for strength and endurance, with lower walls of mortared gravel-stone, 4 inches thick, with chinked timbered walls and a thatched roof. Windows, if any, are placed beside the door and at the back, with a size of 9 inches.

The building plan shown has this as core materials: 95 cub.ft. broken limestone, 32 cub.ft. mortar and 734 board feet of spruce, assuming a wooden roof. Cost varies according to location, but a reliable guess for the building shell would be 86 g.p., not counting the cost for a door, windows or furnishings. An earthen floor is generally expected, requiring placement of the house against a hill or otherwise on raised ground.

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