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Woodlands are temperate areas dominated with trees. These are usually deciduous. The climate is highly variable depending on the location of the forest, affecting the amount of rainfall, density of undergrowth and mixture of deciduous and conifer species. Woodlands have many characteristics that support the growth of humanoid populations, including good soils, materials for building, mineral resources and a relatively gentle climate. Grazing animals provide food, while wood and charcoal serve as important fuels for warmth, forging and cooking. Cleared woodlands make excellent grazing lands and farmland, providing medicinal plants and sources for pure fresh water.


Forests provide protection and habitat for many of the world's monsters, as well as refuge for thieves, outlanders and other criminals. While hinterland forest serve as a hunting resource for game, the deepest forests can be spawning grounds for beasts and other unnatural creatures. In dry seasons, forest fires are a serious threat. Those moving into a new country occupied by forest risk many dangers. Though a gang of a hundred workers may easily protect themselves in order to cut and build a road across an unpatrolled woodland, this does not make such parts safe for lonely travellers, who must risk plunder from gangs who lie in wait for victims. Often, large areas of woodlands are mastered by petty tyrant bandits who rule over a small territory like kings.

Yet, roads are needful, for journeys off-road are fraught with obstructions, overgrowth and deadfalls, rocky hills, crevasses, roaring rivers, muskeg and other watery features, hordes of black flies and less pleasant insects and wild animals. Even herbivores can be dangerous, if provoked, as many of these animals are of a considerable size. Without knowing of the land or scouting skills, a day or more can be wasted travelling in the wrong direction or into an insurmountable obstacle, not to mention the danger of walking in circles, when the growth overhead makes it impossible to track the location of the sun.

Sylvan Forest

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Sylvan forests are woodlands of surpassing beauty, where the trees, grass and flowers possess an abiding health that makes their bark and leaves shine with vigour. Streams, waterfalls and even the waves of lakes make a sound that is like music. Even light from the sky seems to fall differently upon the ground, so that all is cast in a pale gleam of transcendent enchantment. These places are most commonly difficult to access and small in size, no more than a day's walk to travel across. They are protected from outsiders by faerie creatures, who are often supported by powerful spellcasters. The existence of these forests depend upon the caprice of wild magic, so that they are, in fact, unnatural in their existence.

Major Woodlands

Below is a list of the most extensive woodlands in the world:

Woodland Features

Below is a list of elements and features that are common to woodland ranges:

Woodland Creatures

The following monsters are common to woodland ranges:

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