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Cooking is an amateur-status sage ability in the studies of Cuisine and Logistics (sage study), that enables the character to prepare food dishes that offer a taste sensation of "nosh" and "savoury." While this doesn't make the individual especially notable as a food preparer, it's a considerable advancement over an unskilled cook. Importantly, it allows the character to make good use of premium foods and delicacies in cold camp settings, while being able to function as a cook in a galley or scullery kitchen.

In addition to food preparation, those with the ability to cook can recognise spoiled food, so as to know when it is past eating. Skill exists in recognising the difference between "fresh" and "premium" foods.

The labour time needed to cook equals about 20 minutes +3 minutes per person to be fed, recognising that the cook must work in game world circumstances that are somewhat primitive. This time cannot be spent in a single block, but usually represents time spent over about 45 minutes to an hour. Some foods, such as soups or roasted meat, require as many as four hours, but the time actually spent is about the same.

During the intervening time, time can be spent towards preparing the next day's dish (up to 50% of the total time needed). Keep in mind that cooks must also spend time gathering wood to make a fire, cleaning and sharpening utensils and other time-consuming efforts.

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