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Species faerie
No. Appearing 4–16
Behaviour community
Range rural, woodland
Size 18 in. tall
Weight 3 lbs.
Intelligence 14 to 15
Armour Class 6
Hit Dice 9
Action Points 5
Max. Stride 6
THAC0 15
Hp/Die d2
Attack Forms sword or bow
Damage 1–2
Special Attacks saving throw, stealth, mage class

There is a great deal that is misunderstood about brownies. Contrary to popular belief, not all brownies have spell use. To cast spells, a brownie must be trained to be a mage, just as any other race; they have no natural magical powers. That said, it is a fact that many brownies are mages (it is the only leveled class available to them) and there are usually one or two spellcasters to be found with any brownie party. As well, brownies with spellcasting ability tend to choose very specific spells, traditional to their culture and general purposes. A list of brownie spells is described below.

Brownie 2.jpg

Though a brownie would make a remarkable thief, this is not in their nature and they do not pursue that vocation. As faeries, brownies dwell in woodland areas, though not in the wild as will be seen. Upon occasion they will follow strangers in the forest to ensure their well-being, often stepping forward to rescue others if it seems safe to do so.

General Description

They prefer temperate climes and are found in both the Old and New Worlds. They are small in stature and prefer to live in rural farmhouses that are occupied by larger humanoids. Due to their remarkable stealth ability, they are most often able to move invisibly in rooms even when the humans are present (they gain a +15 bonus in favor of their stealth ability due to their hit dice and size). Even if they are discovered, this is usually taken to be a good omen by the house owners, who from superstition are likely to keep the presence of the brownies a secret.

Brownies will dress well and speak with excellent ability. They are full of stories and common sense advice. They are able to repair things with ease and enjoy working with woods, leather, metals or pottery. If they like the residents of the farm, they will spontaneously make repairs when needed. Very, very rarely, they will increase the household's stock of goods, but this only happens when the owners are particularly worthy.

Typically, the brownies in a lodging will be a husband and wife, sometimes attended by a brother or a sister, or perhaps a grandparent, then with anywhere from 1 to 5 children. The exact composition is highly variable.

Legends about the evil of brownies have spread through the centuries due to a misunderstanding. Jinxkins, who are very like brownies in appearance, take pains to be seen while taking part in mischief, to encourage the household to take steps to clear the brownies out of it. Therefore, brownies are blamed for evils they have not committed.


In combat, brownies use a remarkably sharp short sword that causes 1-4 damage. The handle and hilt are too small even for a tiny halfling to use.

The brownie's bow is likewise of unusual construction. Though only 18 in. long, it's made of high quality composite materials combined with an unnatural construction, allowing creatures of such small size to have a useable bow. The bow causes 1-4 damage with it's arrows; brownies receive a +3 bonus when aiming with the bow. It's much too small for any character race to employ.

Magic Use

Though most brownies do not have spellcasting ability, they do save as 9th level mages. This has nothing to do with their level, but rather with their inherent nature as small magical beings.

On average, 1 brownie in 4 will be leveled and have the ability to cast spells. This may mean that a given family may have no mages in their number or it may mean multiple mages; each individual should be rolled for. Children will have a natural talent but will only be 1st level. A near-mature youth might be 2nd level, while a young, unmarried adult (an aunt or an uncle) would be 3rd to 4th level. A parent would be 3rd to 6th level while a grandparent would certainly be 6th to 7th level. The theory that brownies can progress above 7th level is unconfirmed.

The following is the list of spells that a brownie would have at each level (presented here cumulatively):

Therefore, a brownie of 4th level would have five 1st level spells and two 2nd level spells, along with 7 cantrips. As well, the brownie would also have all the other benefits from having increased in level as a mage, including 4–16 additional hit points and sage abilities.

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