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Species beast
No. Appearing 2–8
Behaviour herd
Range coral reef, ocean banks, wetland
Size 5 ft. 8 in. at the shoulder
Weight 1,320 lbs.
Intelligence 5
Armour Class 5
Hit Dice 4
Action Points 6
Max. Stride 10 (5 on surface)
THAC0 18
Hp/Die d12
Attack Forms bite & head butt
Damage 1–4 & 2–8
Special Attacks +2 saving throw

Hippocampi are a hybrid between a horse and a body somewhat similar to the seahorse, except that it is enlongated and very powerful. The front of the hippocampus consists of a horse's head and forelegs, which end in powerful leathery fins. They are covered with tough scales that possess a range of colours, though amber and blue are most common. Hippocampi live in both salt and fresh water. They serve as a mount for numerous underwater humanoids and are particularly beloved of sea nymphs. Famously, a team of giant hippocampi draw the chariot of the god Posiedon.


Hippocampi attack with a bite, usually to the left or right, and a rapid strike with their heavily boned skull against an enemy in front of them. They have a +2 saving throw against any attack.


Hippocampi have little contact with land-dwellers. Hippocampus graze upon grass, seaweed and kelp, depending upon their environment; water flowers and reeds are particularly liked. They will eat the staples of land horses, but cannot do so for more than one day in seven. They are intelligent and can speak rationally with those who possess the ability. Hippocampi cannot move on dry land; freshwater dwellers can only be found in large, fairly deep lakes, from tropical to temperate climes.

They give birth through the laying of eggs, with all females typically travelling to a shallow grotto or sea pool to do so; those in freshwater environments will seek undisturbed corners of their lake, usually upon the edge of a glade or sylvan forest. Once the eggs are laid, every stallion in the herd will fertilize them in turn. Hippocampi may travel as far as ten thousand miles to mate in the same place where they were born. There is no attempt to differentiate the eggs, which hatch within a two to three day period, usually without supervision. Young hippocampi can be caught as they gain control of their limbs, before heading into the sea, though they are as slippery as a fish and about 20 lbs. in weight.

They have 1 hit die at birth and grow quickly, doubling their weight in each of their first three months, and thereafter continuing to gain a hundred pounds a month until attaining their full size.

Hippocampus as Mount

Hippocampi are able to support riders upon the surface of the water, so that they are highly prized by land creatures. However, because the hippocampus is intelligent, it cannot be domesticated, even if caught as young. As it matures, it will bond with its master, so long as it is treated well; but if it cannot communicate with this master, the beast will break this bond and seek the wild.

Those born wild, who were not raised from a young age, may yet be enticed as mounts. Typically, a customary offering is made to the beast, which may be a rare victual or possibly an offer to heal the hippocampus if it has been hurt. Speaking with the beast is necessary (and cannot be done through speak with animals, as the hippocampus is not an "animal"). A bargain may be struck to gain the beast's aid for some purpose; and if the beast is treated well and relates well to the rider (make a charisma check, after good treatment of the animal as mount has been observed in game), the hippocampus may well be willing to remain with the rider. Having knowledge of underwater mounts is a necessity.

They will often make alliances with humanoid species to protect their homelands.

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