Boar (wild)

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Wild Boar
Species swine (boar)
No. Appearing 3–18
Behaviour subsocial (sounder)
Range jungle, rainforest, savanna,
Size 39 in. at shoulder
Weight 200 lbs.
Intelligence 2
Armour Class 7
Hit Dice 3+3
Action Points 5
Max. Stride 18
THAC0 19
Hp/Die d8
Attack Forms bite
Damage 3–12
Special Attacks aggression

Wild boars are native to the Old World. The aggressive wild form is an ancestor of most pig breeds, being domesticated in China about 8,000 years ago. The boar is more heavily built than the pig, with a muscular neck, well-developed canine teeth and unusual aggression. It communicates through grunts and hunts in familiar territories. In shape, it is bulky with short and relatively thin legs. The region behind the shoulder rises into a hump. When attacking, the head acts as a plough, so that it attacks forward and upwards, potentially hurling small creatures to the left or right when they are stunned, rather than backwards.

Boar (wild common)

Wild boars are aggressive, gaining a +2 bonus to hit when attacking. In pursuit, they are able to leap fences up to four or five feet in height; due to their surefootedness, they willingly hunt along rocky hillsides.


Though solitary in temperament, they will nevertheless remain near their own kind; this loose group is called a "sounder." The core sounder is female dominated, made up of young female boars and their mothers. When hunting falls off and new territories are sought, it is this female group that begins the trek outwards. During the breeding season, from November to January, males will rejoin the sounder.

In times of famine, wild boars have been known to prey upon small villages or country towns lacking a wall, destroying gardens, wrecking property and even attacking small children and the weak if the boar is sufficiently feral. Boar hunters are sometimes employed specifically to hunt down boars and rid them as a pest.

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