Scouting (sage study)

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Scouting is a sage study in the field of Wilderland, which offers a set of survival and orientation skills that ensure survival in the wild, ensuring a goodly supply of food, water, shelter and protection, whatever the landscape or weather.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Catch Fishing: describes the angling skill of catching fish with a line or net.
  • Evasion: describes skills at avoiding detection in the wild by most onlookers.
  • Foraging: improved ability to find vegetables, roots, fruits and nuts in a wilderness environment.
  • Hunting: locating, tracking and successfully bringing down small game in order to serve as a food supply.
  • Pathfinding I: improve distance covered when crossing untracked wilderness.
  • Tracking: locating creatures and animals that move in the wild according to the trail they leave behind.

Authority Status

  • Camouflage: the ability to proficiently camouflage the body.
  • Counter-Tracking: an advanced form of evasion, allowing a possibility of shaking off a tracker.
  • Make Fire: the ability to produce fire using only dry tinder and friction.
  • Pathfinding II: improves the safety of the ranger and others when crossing the wilderness.
  • Sheltering: chooses the best place to rest and avoid the elements.
  • Water Discipline: gives experience in knowing when to drink in order to avoid dehydration.

Expert Status

  • Avoid Encounter: enables avoidance of dangerous creatures or monsters that are sensed to be active in the vicinity.
  • Earth Hearing: the ability to track by hearing a distant quarry's footfalls through the earth.

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