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Type Eurasian Lynx Speckled Lynx
Species feline
No. Appearing 2-4 2-5
Behaviour pre-social social (family)
Range Taiga, woodland taiga, tundra
Size 27 in. at the shoulder 4 ft. at the soldier
Weight 46 lbs. 258 lbs.
Intelligence 2 3
Armour Class 7 6
Hit Dice 2+2 4+4
Action Points 5 6
Max. Stride 29 22
THAC0 20 18
Hp/Die d4 d8
Attack Form 3: two claws; fangs
Damage claw (1-2); fangs (2-5) claw (2-5); fangs (3-12)
Special Attack pounce, rake, surprise on a 1-5

These forest cats prefer cold regions. They are aggressive and compete well with other predators because of their intelligence. Giant lynx climb very well, swim reasonably well, and they can leap 15 ft. If the lynx strikes with both forepaws, it will then get two additional attacks, raking with the rear claws, each causing 1-3 damage.


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