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A breath weapon is an exhalation of elemental or gaseous force produced at will by a creature, causing damage and other effects over a widespread area. Contrary to popular belief, the breath does not originate from the creature's biological structure, but rather from an idiosyncratic gland that can be found high in the creature's throat, allowing the effect to be channelled outwards through the mouth, without bringing harm to the creature. Depending on the form of the breath weapon, the creature's mouth may be specially plated in order to withstand the passage of fire, acid, electricity and other potential effects. Creatures are never affected by their own breath weapon, or by attacks in the form of the breath they're able to spew forth.

A breath weapon may be devastating, delivering scores of hit points in damage to multiple targets; or the breath may cause only incidental damage, depending on the creature. A breath weapon may stream out in a far-reaching blast, such as in the image shown, or the effluent may emerge as a globular cloud. Some forms, such as acid or lightning, will stream forth as a looping stream or with an irregular pattern. The actual area affected depends upon the creature; all persons within this area must make a saving throw against breath weapon or else suffer the full extent of damage the breath weapon causes. In most cases, if the saving throw is successful, those in the area of effect will still suffer half damage — though with some breath weapons, causing effects such as paralysis, petrification or slow, a successful saving throw will fully preserve the character from harm.

Creatures with Breath Weapon

Monsters known to possess a breath weapon include:

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