Wall of Fire (spell)

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Wall of Fire conjures a blazing curtain of magical fire that acts as a protective barrier and a threat against the caster's opponents. The fiery barrier erupts from the ground to a variable height of 15 to 20 ft. and is 5 ft. deep, or one combat hex.

Wall of Fire
Range 80 ft.
Duration 1 round per level
Area of Effect length of 20 ft. per level
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level druid (5th); mage (4th)

The total length of burning wall can be used to build an encirclement or a bulwark, or the wall can be made to double back on itself. Once placed, the wall cannot be moved; but in placing it, the caster can materialise the dweomer into occupied hexes, causing 4-16 damage with no saving throw.

The stable wall is permeable and creatures can move through it, accepting 4-16 damage. Moving within 2 hexes of the wall causes 1-3 damage, while moving into an adjacent hex causes 2-8. Both sides of the wall are equally capable of causing damage, so that those surrounded by the wall of fire must also keep back. Creatures immersed in the fire long enough to take full damage must make saving throws for the items they carry.

Line-of-sight through the wall is shrouded by flame and smoke emanating from the surface that's touched by magical flame — thus missile fire is impractical unless the enemy is greater than 12 ft. tall. The wall has no effect against creatures with an immunity to fire.

See Resist Fire (spell)