Cleric 2nd Level Spells

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Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Believer Description
Aid touch 2 rounds +2/level* 1 creature 1 round none yes aids attack and gives hit points
Augury self 10 rounds self* 1 round none no queries the gods
Chant self special 60 ft. radius 1 round none yes increases to hit and morale
Darkness, 15 ft. radius 10 ft./level 10 +1 round/level 15 ft. radius globe 1 round none no creates darkness
Detect Charm self 10 rounds 60 ft. +10/level path 1 round none no detects charmed creatures
Detect Life self 5 rounds 60 ft. +10/level path 1 round none no detects the presence of life
Dust Devil 30 ft. 1 round/level special 1 round none no conjures a controlled dust devil
Enthrall self special 30 ft. radius sphere 1 round negates no compels creatures to listen
Find Traps self 30 rounds 10 ft. wide, 30 ft. path 1 round none no locates traps
Hold Person 60 ft. 4 +1 round/level 3 creatures 1 round negates no immobilizes creatures
Know Intent self 10 rounds 10 ft./level* 1 round none no reveals future intents of others
Messenger self 1 hour/level 1 creature 1 round none no calls an animal as a messenger
Resist Fire touch 3 rounds/level 1 creature 1 round none no protects against fire attacks
Silence 15 ft. radius 120 ft. 2 rounds/level 30 ft. diameter sphere 1 round none* no creates a buffer against sound
Slow Poison touch 1 hour/level 1 creature 1 round none no delays death from poison
Snake Charm 30 ft. 4-14 rounds 1 snake/level 1 round none no charms snakes
Speak with Animals self 2 rounds/level 1 animal 1 round none no communicates with animals
Spiritual Hammer self 1 rounds/level 30 ft. 1 round none no creates a magical hammer
Withdraw self 1 round/level self* 1 round none yes slows time for the cleric
Wyvern Watch 30 ft. 8 hours* 5 ft. diameter sphere* 1 round none yes warns against intruders

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