Enthrall (spell)

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Enthrall is a spell that places creatures under a bewitchment, causing them to cease what they're doing and — once the caster begins to speak — to listen, enraptured. Those affected by the spell can comprehend what's said. Following the spell's duration, what's said will also be remembered. The listeners can act on this information according to their own volition, protecting themselves or taking advantage of an obvious opportunity.

Range self
Duration 5 minutes x1d4/level
Area of Effect 30 ft. radius sphere
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw negates
Level bard (2nd); cleric (2nd)

If the caster wishes to press the audience to perform a worthy labour, or take up arms against a legitimate threat, then each listener should make a morale check, assuming standard morale. Those that succeed this check will participate as asked.

Saving Throws

When the spell is discharged, creatures within the area of effect are permitted a saving throw vs. magic. Those with less than four hit dice suffer a -4 penalty to this roll. Creatures that aren't humanoids receive a +4 modifier. Creatures with an intelligence of 4 or less aren't affected by the spell.

Listeners who fail their save will, in any event, continue to listen so long as the caster keeps speaking. The maximum time for speaking 5 minutes, multiplied by 1d4 per level.

For example, Grant is a 5th level cleric; he rolls 5d4 and receives a total of 13; this lets Grant speak for 65 minutes. During this time he can pause for effect, but he can't take another action without breaking the spell. The caster chooses what to speak about.

Those making their save may ignore the speaker. However, they'll be unaware that a spell was cast, and so will have no reason to dissuade other listeners; instead, they'll assume that others want to listen of their own free will. This means that even if persons make their save, they may still listen of their own accord, if they have no business to pursue.

Bringing the Spell into Play

It's not unusual for a cleric to employ the spell while preaching a sermon, to enhance the effect of congregation's attention. Doing this more than twice a month encourages the listeners to remain loyal to the caster, increasing their morale by +2.

Wishing to urge a crowd to save themselves in an emergency, a player might cast the spell and shout, "Run for your lives!" If there was an evident threat, everyone in the area of effect would automatically pay attention, see the danger and run. And if no evident threat existed, at least those who made their morale checks would act as the speaker says.

If the goal is to distract one or more subjects, a caster might cast the spell from a safe distance, move up slowly while concentrating and then begin speaking, discharging the spell, once the subjects were in the spell range. If they failed their saves, the caster could continue speaking, acting as the desired distraction.