Aid (spell)

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Aid allows the caster to heal or bestow additional hit points (h.p.) to another creature, who must be of the same religion as the caster. The benefit is unusual, in that it cannot be used by the caster to benefit his or her own self. It must be given to someone else.

Range touch
Duration 2 rounds, +2 per level;
see text
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (2nd)

The amount given is 10-20, or 2d6 plus 8 h.p. For the spell's duration, the recipient also receives a +1 to hit bonus.

If the recipient has suffered damage, then the spell restores those hit points like a healing spell — though unlike other healing spells, such as cure light wounds, the aid spell cannot be granted to more than one recipient.

Aid is not only a healing spell, however. If the number of points given exceeds the character's normal maximum, the additional hit points are also endowed, on a temporary basis, as the duration indicates.

For example, Albert normally has a natural maximum of 14 h.p. At present, Albert has suffered some damage and is currently at 9 hp. When Bethune casts aid, he bestows a total of 17 additional hit points to Albert; the first 5 of these heal Albert to full hit points. The remaining 12 are then added to Albert's total, giving him a temporary maximum of 26 altogether. Bethune is 4th level, so Albert's additional h.p. will last for 10 full rounds.

Naturally, the best time to cast the spell is prior to a combat, increasing the likelihood of the blessed recipient to survive.