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Species faerie
No. Appearing 1
Behaviour solitary
Range woodland
Size 2 ft. 6 in. tall
Weight 12 lbs.
Intelligence 15
Armour Class 8
Hit Dice 5+2
Action Points 5
Max. Stride 6
THAC0 18
Hp/Die d3
Attack Forms by weapon type
Damage 1–3
Special Attacks create illusion, invisibility, luck,
magic resistance, never surprised,
polymorph, ventriloquism

Leprechauns are diminuative faeries who usually appear as bearded men or goodwives in distinctly Celtic dress. They are most common in Eire or the western coasts of Britain. It is extremely rare to see them as far east as the Midlands or further south than Wales. In spirit, they enjoy frivolity but are not partial towards mischief or cruel humour. They're flamboyant, talkative, clever and deadly serious where it comes to matters of money. Rumours that they are a menace to humans, that they steal things or that they spirit away children are heinous lies passed around by those who have failed to obtain a leprechaun's good wishes.


They dwell in fair, sylvan woodlands, with lush hills and dales, such as are found in gifted spots throughout the isles. Though almost always solitary, parties of three or five (never two or four!) will take it upon themselves to travel abroad and see other parts of the world. They will always return singly if one of their party passes or becomes separated.

Contrary to popular myth, leprechauns do not trade in either gold or wishes, but they are sometimes willing to transfer luck to deserving souls. Performing a service for a grateful leprechaun might win the samaritan a single gold coin which, if rubbed once a day, will allow the owner to gain a +3 bonus in their favour to any die roll (+30% for a percentile die) and, once a week, will provide the character with a joyful happenstance or coincidence of some kind, such as a friend appearing at a time of need or an enemy failing to appear as expected. The exact nature of the happenstance is left to the DM.

There are tales about that leprechauns have been caught, but surely such stories are blarney.


Leprecauns have a number of natural abilities that they can perform, though of all their possible effects they are unable to achieve more than one per round. They are able to become invisible at will, as often as they please. They can polymorph objects that are no larger than themselves into any other object, of any material, excepting valuable metal such as gold, silver or platinum (though copper is easy enough). They are adept at ventriloquism and often use it to distract enemies or warn friends.

Their create illusion ability is multi-varied. They are able to create a duplicate of themselves, which will fight but not perform magic as they themselves can do. They are able to create both a phantasmal figure or guard, dancing lights, audible glamer or a spectral milieu.

They are never surprised, even by the most stealthy of assassins or thieves. They possess a magic resistance of 80%, so they are very difficult to manage through magic spells. And of course, every leprechaun is possessed of its own luck, should circumstances require it.

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