Audible Glamer (spell)

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Audible glamer is a spell that deceives an audience into hearing a cacophony of sounds originating from a multitude of beings, either intelligible or otherwise.

Audible Glamer
Range 60 ft. +10 ft. per level
Duration 10 rounds per level
Area of Effect equals spell range
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level bard (1st); illusionist (1st); mage (2nd)

These sounds form a chaotic blend, ranging from the tumultuous roar of a crowd to a rhythmic marching, clinking of armour, the eerie chittering of strange creatures, the incessant clicking of unseen insects, or whatever else the caster might invent.

The illusion implies the presence of no fewer than a dozen entities, and the requisite sound these would produce, must be created by the caster. The source of the sound, with respect to listeners, is specivied when casting the spell.


The spell has a limitation in volume, this being no more than 50 decibels, akin to the din of a bustling street filled with carts and street vendors or the mighty roars of hippos. Consequently, any illusion of a large gathering sounds as if it emanates from a distance — while faint whispers give the impression of being nearby. This might expose the magical nature of the sound for some, especially as the spell cannot produce coherent words, convey a message, or replicate a recognizable melody.

The glamer serves as a distraction and has the ability to mask real sounds. When calculating stealth, it subtracts 2 from the number of hexes a character can approach without being detected. Additionally, unsuspecting individuals who hear the glamer are more likely to be caught off guard, increasing their chances of being surprised by one additional point.

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