Dancing Lights (spell)

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Dancing Lights (spell).jpg
Dancing Lights
Range 60 ft. +10 ft. per level
Duration 5 rounds per level
Area of Effect 1-4 lights; see text
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level bard (1st); illusionist (1st); mage (1st)

Creates up to four lights resembling torches, lanterns or will o’wisps, which will illuminate an area up to 15 ft. in diameter. The lights may appear within the caster’s range, but may not move more than 20 ft. in a given round.

The dancing lights will move as the caster desires, forward or back, straight or turning corners. The caster does not need to concentrate.

As the lights will illuminate wherever indicated within the spell’s range, targets within the illumination at night will be +1 to hit with missile weapons.

The spell is also capable of creating a human-like shape which does not cause illumination, but does appear as a vaguely elemental-like entity. Creatures with an intelligence of 5 to 7 must make a morale check or else give ground (to a distance of at least 20 ft., or four combat hexes) whenever this light entity approaches.

Creatures attempting to strike entity will discover it is insubstantial upon hitting armour class 10.