Phantasmal Guard (spell)

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Phantasmal guard conjures the illusion of a vigilant and physically capable sentry, dedicated to overseeing and regulating access to a designated area. The guard assumes an appearance featuring a helmet with a visor that conceals any distinguishing features, rendering the guard's gender ambiguous. In addition to being adorned in a simulated set of studded leather armor, equipped with a shield and a weapon, the illusion also includes a jerkin and a heraldic emblem selected by the caster. Completing the illusion, the guard is depicted wearing gauntlets and high, sturdy boots.

Phantasmal Guard
Range 10 ft.
Duration 1 hour per level
Area of Effect 1 guard; see text
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist (2nd)

The caster retains the flexibility to incorporate other aesthetic elements into the illusion, such as specifying the type of weapon being used, while maintaining the integrity of the spell. There are no limitations when and where the spell may be cast.


The phantasmal guard will engage as if it were a fighter of equivalent level to that of the caster, possessing half of the caster's total hit points. It has an armour class of 5. When successfully landing a strike, the guard inflicts 1-8 damage, +1 bonus point. The guard can't employ missile weapons, or take advantage of the reach typically associated with polearm-type weapons.

The illusion is immune to stun lock and any form of magic that fails to deliver hit points of damage. The guard vanishes when its hit points are depleted. The creature delivering the final point of damage, if having an intelligence above zero, must make a saving throw against magic; failure results in the creature being stunned in surprise for a duration of 1 round.

Other Duties

Upon activation, the phantasmal guard assumes a stationary position, remaining vigilant and prepared. It effectively blocks access to a space measuring 5 combat hexes in diameter, safeguarding this area against anyone attempting to enter or move past the guard. If the caster is within this area, the guard strives to protect the caster above all else — yet once the spell is cast, and the area designated, the guard is trapped in this area until dispelled.

It need not rest and will remain perpetually on guard once the spell is cast. It cannot be surprised. The amount of illumination is irrelevant, as the guard can see perfectly well upon it's ground. When unknown persons approach within 15 feet of its ground, the guard issues a warning, demanding to know, "Who goes there?" Individuals designated by the caster can freely pass by providing their names, while others, even if they share the same name, will be denied access. If the guard is provoked to attack an intruder, it raises an alarm that can be heard within a range of 120 ft.

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