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Provides a fighter or ranger with the skill to train others in the fields of Animal Training, leadership [fighters only], mastery of arms, training and wilderland [rangers only]. However, while the focus of the instruction is upon fighter and ranger sage abilities, opportunities for training in other persons in secondary skills and like skills exists.

The study allows the training of non-levels as well as levelled persons in numerous techniques, even providing some improvement in the combat abilities of spellcasters and thieves.

The instructor’s time is valuable; only 48 hours per week can be spent, potentially with multiple students, and no more than eight hours per day. Beyond that, the instructor is too tired to be useful, and one day every six must be taken in complete rest, without taking part in travel or adventure.

What can be taught is limited by the ability stats of the student and the knowledge possessed by the instructor. The instructor cannot teach what is not known ~ and in many cases the knowledge that can be provided to the student is less than the instructor knows. However, since the study includes the possibility of a student obtaining levelled status, there is room for a student to ultimately surpass the instructor, given time.


Give Proficiency: grants possible skill with an instructor’s weapon proficiency.
Give Secondary Skill: grants an ability acquired by the instructor from his or her progenitor.
Harden Commoner: lessens the experience needed for a commoner to become hardened as a combatant.
Reading & Letters: provides skill in teaching others how to read & write.
Train Man-at-Arms: provides the training needed for a comrade to become a man-at-arms.


Pass Along Ability: enables the possible acquisition of a sage ability from a study in which the instructor is an authority.
Train Levelled Fighter: provides the training needed for a man-at-arms to advance to a levelled character.

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