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A highly intelligent demi-human whose unique origin permits a considerable advantage over other humanoids. Dwarves are best known for two powerful kingdoms located in north central Eurasia, named Altslok and Hoth. These regions are notable for their hills and mountains, rich mineral wealth, their unique culture and as a bastion against barbarian humanoid races such as orcs, haruchai, hobgoblins, ogres, goblins and gnolls. Dwarf culture has survived because of their hardiness and short, heavy-boned physiology, their tight-knit ways and their mastery of weapons, engineering and clerical magic.

Players are able to choose the dwarven race as an option for their characters. Some advantages described below apply to all dwarves, but players do not receive any sage abilities from this race that are described below.


Dwarves average four feet in height, with stout, broad bodies. Most males will weigh about 150 lbs., but rare males will be as tall as four foot six or seven feet tall and weigh as much as 270 lbs. Female dwarves average 130 lbs. The dwarf's thick hair may vary from grey to brown, black, bronze or flaming red in colour. Eye colour may be brown, black, grey, hazel or even jade green. Silver grey, ultramarine and violet occur very rarely, and only among dwarves of the highest charisma. Their skin colour is tawny brown.


Player characters choosing this race gain a +1 constitution and a -1 charisma.

Dwarves are naturally effective combatants against certain types of creatures, receiving a +1 to hit when fighting goblins, haruchai, hobgoblins, norkers and orcs. Dwarves also improve their armour class by four points when confronting bugbears, ettin, gnolls, ogres, ogre magi, trolls and giants of every kind.

Dwarves are skilled assassins, clerics, fighters and thieves. Their hardiness permits a +1 saving throw against poison and magic for every 3½ points of constitution. A dwarf with a constitution of 12 would have a +3 saving throw.

Dwarves also possess infravision, being able to see in the dark with relative clarity. Because of their time underground, a great many dwarves living amongst their own kind possess considerable mining skills, of both prospecting and underground mining.

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