Iron Golem

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Iron Golem
Species construct
No. Appearing 1
Behaviour servant
Range rural, subterranean, urban
Size 12 ft. tall
Weight 10,990 lbs.
Intelligence 5
Armour Class 0
Hit Dice 10
Action Points 4
Max. Stride 9
THAC0 15
Hp/Die d4+2d6
Attack Forms fists or with sword
Damage 2-24/2-24 or 4–40
Special Attacks +3 weapon to hit, gas, natural
, strength (22)

Iron golems are constructed, animated beings created from wrought iron. The method of their creation is detailed under the sage study, golems. As with any golem, the builder has some purpose for the creature in mind upon its construction: as a means of protection, for the purpose of waging war, to ensure privacy and isolation — or as a malevolent tool for wreaking havoc upon the creator's enemies.

Iron Golem.jpg


The elephantine weight of the iron golem — five tons — demands that it stand or move upon a solid stone surface which will support its weight. If moving over fields, the construct will tend to sink ankle deep, and may become helplessly bogged down if attempting to move over soggy or wet ground. For this reason, the iron golem is never found outside urban or subterranean environments, though there are rumours of these creatures dwelling in mountainous places (if so, it has never been reliably witnessed). They are able to move fluidly, though it is sometimes difficult for the creature to judge overhanging obstacles and will commonly hit its head (without harm) when pursuing a victim.

When attacking, the iron golem with attack with both fists. If a great broad sword is forged and balanced for the creature's use (60 lbs.), the golem will gain +4 to hit and +10 damage when so armed, due to its strength.


Being made of iron, these golems are naturally immune to virtually all spell attacks with the exception of electricity. They can be affected by some forms of acid and are vulnerable to creatures whose biology attacks metal. They have some consciousness of their own, and yet cannot be affected by sleep or charm. They do not breathe, and therefore cannot be affected by gas or most breath weapons. Because they can only be hit by +3 magical weapons, any magical forms of damage must include a +3 benefit to hit (such as shillelagh or magic missile does at higher levels). These combined immunities make the iron golem difficult to attack.

When active, iron golems produce a substantial heat, causing the interior of the golem to glow red along the joints where its metal plates are locked together. This heat does not cause damage it itself (although the temperature is sweltering, but the process creates a highly noxious gas within a 20 ft. radius of the golem when the golem is engaged in combat. All those that are within this area will sustain 2 hit points of damage per round, and must make saving throw vs. poison or pass out for 2-5 rounds.


Iron golems have a limited intelligence and can therefore carry out a minimal number of orders on their own volition. These orders include "get" (which will send the golem out to collect the thing or person named), "query" (which causes the iron golem to function as a guard who will disregard those with a correct password), "rampage until" (the time named, so that the golem does not need to be personally ordered to stop when there are no more enemy) and "collect" (which directs the golem to pick up large objects from one defined location and carry them to another). Apart from these, iron golems can also be verbally ordered to "attack" a specific target or to "stop," but these orders must be given personally. The golem can also be ordered to "go there" if the creator wants to send it to a specific place. Once there, or if it is told to stop, the golem will wait until it is given another order by its creator.

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