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Change self is a spell that creates an illusion, adjusting the appearance of the caster. This allows a change to his or her apparent physical features, sex and size. Even the appearance of the caster’s clothing or carried equipment may be adjusted. The caster must appear as a humanoid, but the spell allows an augmentation of the character's apparent beauty and wealth, even the tone of the caster's voice. The spell can't be used to change other recipients.

Change Self
Range self
Duration 10-60 rounds +5 rounds per level
Area of Effect self
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level bard (1st); illusionist (1st)

Apparent height & weight may be adjusted from 50% to 150% of the caster's original size. Attack or damage, as with the enlarge spell, isn't adjusted. For example, a gnome caster could make a short but believable orc — and would make a more believable pixie than a human caster.

Charismatic appearance may be adjusted from minus 6 to plus 4 points; however, once the caster begins to speak, the character's true charisma becomes evident.

The caster cannot duplicate the appearance of another humanoid, except perhaps at a distance more than 60 yards. A strong resemblance could be adopted, however, enabling the caster to appear as a distant family member, provided sufficient information could be given.


The spell's strongest virtue is to mislead other persons into believing the character has enormous strength, wealth, the experience of age, attractiveness and so on, so as to intimidate, impress or seduce. It may help the character move among other like creatures or into the halls of power — while at the same time the character's identity remains hidden.

Of course, a stranger is still suspicious, even when he or she is wearing the proper clothes, displaying the proper heraldry and is of the same race.


The spells true seeing and penetrate disguise reveal the nature of the dweomer.

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