Penetrate Disguise (spell)

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Penetrate Disguise
Range self
Duration 10 rounds
Area of Effect 120 ft. distance; up to 10 creatures
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (1st)

Enables the caster to reveal the truth behind either a magical or non-magical disguise, countering the effects of alter self, change self, friends, polymorph, shape change and like magic. The spell will also reveal the presence of a demonic possession, though in this last case it will not reveal the exact nature of the demon itself. Otherwise, the real appearance of the individual will become known to the caster.

The caster must continue to concentrate on the spell while enacting the spell upon individuals; one individual may be examined per round, up to a maximum of ten persons.

10 creatures may be peered at to penetrate the disguise, but each attempt requires 1 round.

See Doppelganger