Illusionist 1st Level Spells

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Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Description
audible glamer 120 ft. 10 rounds/level spell range 1 round none creates the sound of multiple creatures
change self self 10-60 +5 rounds/level self 1 round none transforms the caster's appearance
chromatic orb self* special 5 ft. circle; special 1 round none* differing results caused by various orbs
colour spray self instantaneous 2-8 creatures* 1 round negates stuns creatures with a spray of colour
dancing lights 60 ft. +10 ft./level 5 rounds/level 4 lights; special 1 round none conjures lights for various uses
darkness 10 ft./level 2-8 +1 round/level 15 ft. radius globe 1 round none creates an absence of light
detect illusion 10 ft./level 20 rounds/level 10 ft. path, spell range 1 round none* reveals illusions for what they are
detect invisibility 10 ft./level 5 rounds/level 10 ft. path, spell range 1 round none reveals hidden creatures to the caster
gaze reflection self 10 rounds/level 1 creature/level 1 move none reflects attacks or magical detection
hypnotism 30 ft. 1 +1 round/level up to 6 creatures 1 round negates directs creatures to perform one action
light 30 ft./level 100 rounds/level 20 ft. radius globe 1 round none* creates light
phantasmal feature 60 ft. +20 ft./level 50 rounds/level 10 ft. cube/level 1 round none* creates illusion of stationary feature
phantasmal figure 30 ft./level special 1 figure 1 round none creates illusion of a combatant
phantom armour touch 6 hours or depletion 1 creature 1 round none bestows armour and protection
spook self 5 rounds/level* 1 creature/level* 1 round negates frightens others and makes them flee
wall of fog 30 ft. +10 ft./level 2-8 +1 round/level 20 x 20 x 40 ft./level 1 round none creates a fog bank that obscures sight

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