Spotted Lion

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Spotted Lion
Species feline
No. Appearing 1–3
Behaviour social (family)
Range barrens, rainforest, savanna,
steppe, veldt, woodland
Size 7 ft. 6 in. long
Weight 540
Intelligence 3
Armour Class 15
Hit Dice 6+2
Action Points 6
Max. Stride {{{stride}}}
THAC0 17
Hp/Die d10
Attack Forms 3: two claws; fangs
Damage 1–10/1–10 & 3–18
Special Attacks rake, surprised only on a 1

Spotted lions, or cave lions, are an exceptionally large spotted variety of the more familiar lion. They should be treated a rare, though they have a wide range stretching from central and east Africa to the Asiatic steppes. Extremely rarely, they may be found in the decidious forests of Eastern Europe.

Spotted Lion.jpg

The male of the species is not differented from the female, as are lions. They have a longer, narrower muzzle, and have a grayish flaxen colour, with striations that are earthly brown. They typically give birth to 1-2 cubs; once the mating period has completed, the male remains with the female until birth, hunting and storing food. When the cubs are born, the male will remain solitary until rejoined by the female after the cubs have become old enough to fend for themselves. Thus, if a solitary spotted lion is encountered, it will almost always be a male; if two, it will probably be a male-female pairing, and if three, it will be a female with her two cubs.

The spotted lion attacks with their claws and fangs. If the spotted lion strikes with both forepaws, it will then get two additional attacks, raking with the rear claws, each causing 2-12 damage.

The spotted lion is very observant in its habitat and cannot be easily startled. It is therefore only surprised on a 1 in 6.

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