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These creatures have strong protective instincts for one another and their offspring, so that they'll support one of their number who's engaged in combat. This amount of intelligence describes the higher order of canines, felines, bears, swine and a fair number of magical beasts. Carnivores with this amount of intelligence are able to stalk, patiently following their prey until the opportunity comes to strike. In combat, they will attack both a primary and a secondary victim, reserving one attack for the latter while focusing their main attack on the former.

Horses, camels, dogs capable of being trained for war, leopards, elephants and other working domestic animals tend to have a 3 intelligence also. They're able to form close bonds of loyalty with humanoid creatures because of this; these animals are also capable of "play." This makes them useful in sage knowledge related to such as (hunting and dog training, horseback riding and camel riding — even falconry.

Other creatures will form staunch bonds among themselves and are capable of self-sacrifice for their own. Combat is instinctive; they attack in a full-frontal assault, without the ability to use weapons. They cannot communicate with language. They have no sage abilities.

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