Continual Light (spell)

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Continual light creates a sphere of illumination similar to the light spell, making the area of effect as bright as day. Anything outside the spell's effect will be unchanged. Targeting objects inside the area of effect from the outside will carry normal combat adjustments. Light created by the spell cannot be reflected in a mirror to light elsewhere. Continual light will persist until the caster dismisses it, which must be done before casting the spell elsewhere.

Continual Light
Range 120 ft.
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 60 ft. diameter globe
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (3rd); illusionist (3rd);
mage (2nd)

The spell is discharged upon a specific point or location. If discharged upon a creature's face, that creature is entitled to a saving throw, or else be blinded for 1-4 rounds. A successful save provides no special effect. The spell's emanation point will then exist at that point in space where the creature's eyes were, at the time of discharge; it will not move with the creature.

The caster can choose to make the effect smaller, but it cannot be adjusted once it's discharged.

Continual Dark

The reverse of the spell, continual dark, causes total, inpenetrable darkness in the area of effect; the spell equally denies vision by either visible light, infravision and ultravision. To those outside, it will be impossible to locate creatures inside the effect. Intelligent characters wishing to move out of the darkness must make a wisdom check first. Monsters need to make an intelligence check.

The reverse spell's area of effect is greatly reduced to a 15 ft. radius instead of 30 ft. The spell's duration is unchanged.

Bringing the Spell into Play

There should be some hesitation in casting the spell casually in the outdoors, because it can be seen from a great distance by predators or unwanted intruders. Still, the effectiveness of the spell in letting the party set up camp at night — with a wide enough area to provide for arranging bedrolls, setting up a tent, unhooking the animals and so on — makes it worthwhile to use should the party be caught settling in after the sun has gone down. Note that torchlight also has a potential to alert observers.

The spell is an effective beacon, especially when cast from a height, and has been used to ward off ships from coastlines like a lighthouse; as the candle-power is similar to that of day, it can be seen as a pinpoint on the horizon. It may be seen further still from a ship's masthead. It's a means lost persons of finding their way to safety, when there's sufficient line-of-sight.