Boa Constrictor

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A huge variety of the heavy-bodied snake that has been known to prey on common humanoids. A nocturnal hunter, the boa constrictor is most dangerous to resting or sleeping persons. Boa contrictors are ambush predators, so they often lie in wait for appropriate prey to come along, then they attack.

Boa Constrictor.jpg
Detail Boa Constrictor Titanboa
Species reptile
No. Appearing 2-8 2-5
Behaviour solitary
Range jungle, savanna
Size 15 ft. long 32 ft. or more
Weight 60 lb.
Intelligence 2
Armour Class 5 6
Hit Dice 2 6+1
Action Points 5
Max. Stride 3
THAC0 19 17
Hp/Die d6 d4+d6
Attack Form 1: fangs
Damage 1-4 3-12
Special Attack constriction

When they first strike, they will strike with their teeth; though not poisonous, if the constrictor is successful in stunning an opponent, it will use the bite to pull the victim to the ground, where it can be ensnared. The following round the victim will be wrapped in the snake's coils, which will cause 3-18 constriction damage per round. The damage results from the snake's ability to shut off vital blood flow to the heart and brain, more than actually crushing the victim's body. The giant boa will not swallow a victim until it is actually dead.

The species does well in captivity; giant boa constrictors are often kept as pets in stone pits, where they are fed a variety of victims or smaller livestock such as sheep and goats.

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