Amphibians & Reptiles (sage study)

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A study of scaly, four-legged, cold-blooded egg-laying animals, including both creatures who spend part of their lives in water (with temporary physical characteristics) as well as those dwelling principally on land.

This knowledge includes scaly humanoids such as firenewts, froglings and lizard men, as well as giant forms of crocodiles, frogs, lizards, snakes, toads, turtles and so on. The study does not include creatures that are beasts, such as the basilisk, couatl, dragon or remorhaz - though the ice toad is included in the study's knowledge. The exact line should be drawn at the point where the creature is fully amphibian- or reptile-like, as opposed to hybridized creatures.


  • Identify Amphibians & Reptiles: knowledge of naturally scaly creatures and the dangers they present.
  • Scaly Behaviour I: allows limited prediction of an amphibian or reptile's attack and movement in creatures of semi-intelligence or less.

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