Beasts (sage study)

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Beasts is a sage study in the fields of Legends & Folklore and Reverence, through which the character gains an understanding of magical, unnatural animal forms, regardless of their plane of origin. Recognizable beast forms include basilisks, carrion crawlers, catoblepas, chimera, cockatrice, couatl, dragons, hydras, lamia, manticores, owlbears, perytons, umberhulks, unicorns and xorn. The study also includes magical humanoid-beast hybrids, such as centaurs, medusae or satyrs — but doesn't include knowledge of non-magical humanoids such as crabfolk, jackalwere, kenku, kuo-toa, lizardfolk, locathah, sahuagin, tabaxi or tritons. Pure humanoids, including faeries, are likewise not included.

See here for a complete list of beasts.

Not included are demons, devils, undead, plants, nor any creature that has been transformed from an existence that was once human, nor any construct (such as homonculi or golems), nor demi-gods or gods.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Beast Forms: allows recognition and identification of beasts, with some knowledge of the dangers they present.
  • Studied Beasts: a list of unusual beasts about which the character possesses knowledge.

Authority Status

  • Beast Origins: provides knowledge of the moral and symbolic qualities of beasts.
  • Predict Beasts: allows limited prediction of a beast's attack and movement.

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