Demi-gods (sage study)

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The Demi-god Posiedon

Demi-gods is a sage study in the field of Legends & Folklore, providing knowledge of the actions and influence of lesser gods. These are beings who, unlike their superior peers, are supernatural beings with limited powers, a corporeal or semi-corporeal existence, passionate motives and mortal-like failings. They are at the mercy of their emotions, and because of this they act hastily, often bringing about catastrophes and periods of strife on the Prime Material Plane.

While their powers are finite, demi-gods are nevertheless far more powerful than mortals. They're subject to the rules of space and time, and though they're immortal, they can be hurt by weapons and magic. Like the greater Gods, they have worshippers — though their numbers are slight compared to the world's major religions. There is much knowledge that demi-gods don't possess, and therefore they can be fooled, foiled in their schemes and even made to be frightened.

The sage study allows characters some knowledge, as well as weapons and tactics, allowing them to deal with these beings. Characters may even use this knowledge to carry forth the wishes of these beings, being rewarded with items and status; however, it should never be forgotten that the consequences of breaking faith with a demi-god, once a covenant is made, empowers that being to deal with the betrayer personally.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Enter Cult: provides the character knowledge of how to be recognized as a member of certain demi-god religions.
  • Know Deity: identify or recognize the presence of a given demi-god through imagery or influence.
  • Unearth: uses a demi-god's knowledge to locate lost treasure hoards and magical items.

Authority Status

  • Become Prophet: Provides the character with unearthly knowledge which is intended to be offered to others.
  • Call Intervention: Invokes the presence of one demi-god as a counterweight to the activities of another.

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