Non-detection (spell)

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Non-Detection confounds all divination and detection magic, either deriving from spells or magical devices, designed to obtain information about anything within 50 feet of the caster, for the duration of the spell.

Range self
Duration 25 rounds per level
Area of Effect 100 ft. diameter circle
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist (3rd)

This includes clairaudience, clairvoyance, know intent, penetrate disguise, magic mirror, ESP, detect malevolence and so on, even disrupting spells such as augury or divination, which seek answers about any person or thing located inside the area of effect.

Furthermore, the spell will also confound non-magical attempts to detect the caster by rangers, dogs or other creatures that would normally detect the caster’s odor or track. Upon reached the area of effect’s perimeter, all such detection efforts will prove worthless.

Once the spell’s duration has past, the track or odor will reassert its presence—but it must be argued that a reasonable chance in most cases that this reassertion will never be detected, as the seeker will have either moved off in the wrong direction or turned back. The exact chance would depend on the circumstance and must be left up to the DM.