Tree (spell)

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Tree is a spell that grants the ability to take the form of a living tree or shrub, whether in the full vitality of its foliage or reduced to a mere trunk with a few remaining limbs. The spell accounts for seasonal changes, mirroring the typical characteristics of other vegetation in the surrounding area, without the caster needing to concentrate on such details.

Range self
Duration 1 hour +20 minutes per level
Area of Effect self
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level druid (3rd)

Once transformed, the caster enjoys a 360° awareness of his or her surroundings, while simultaneously able to hear clearly every word either whispered or spoken within a 120 ft. radius. Thus the spell is useful for stealth or infiltration, provided the presence of a previously non-existing tree wouldn't arouse suspicion.

In dire circumstances, the ability to transform into a tree could serve as an emergency escape or survival tactic. It allows the caster to remain hidden and unassuming until a safe opportunity arises.

Detection and Dispelling

While even the most thorough scrutiny would fail to unveil the concealed reality, the spells penetrate disguise or true seeing can effectively reveal the dweomer. The caster may terminate the spell at any moment at the cost of 1 action point, surprising others with a 3 in 6 chance and acting at once if gaining initiative.

See Plant Door (spell)