Meld into Stone (spell)

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Meld into stone allows the caster to temporarily transform into stone in the space of a single action point (AP), upon discharging the cast spell. The shape obtained may be that of a free standing stone, or melding into an existing stone face. The shape will be formless and cairn-like, up to 50% taller or shorter than the caster.

Meld into Stone
Range self
Duration 8 rounds +1 round per level
Area of Effect special
Casting Time 1 move
Saving Throw none
Level bard (3rd); cleric (3rd)

Once transformed, the caster will be undetectable except by a spell, such as penetrate disguise, true seeing or detect magic — which will reveal the presence of magic, though not what it is. While in stone form, the caster will be immune to most forms of attack, including cold, heat, lightning, gasses or physical attacks.

Spells that normally affect stone, such as stone to flesh, stone shape, earthquake and transmute rock to mud, will cause 4-32 damage to a melded caster. These will also disrupt the spell, ending the magic. Flesh to stone will have no effect. Dispel magic will restore the caster to normal.

Likewise, the caster is unable to move or cast spells — though he or she will continue to be in full possession of their senses, including sight, hearing and smell. When desired, the caster may put off the stone disguise and return to themselves, again at a cost of 1 AP.