Hallucinatory Forest (spell)

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Hallucinatory Forest is a spell that conjures an illusionary woodland that materializes within the spell's range. This illusory forest appears entirely natural and is virtually indistinguishable from a genuine forest. The trees within it can be interacted with, allowing individuals to touch, lean against, and even climb them — though these actions only take place within the individual's mind.

Hallucinatory Forest
Range 80 ft.
Duration permanent or until abolished;
see text
Area of Effect 1/10th acre per level
Casting Time 4 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level druid (4th), illusionist (5th)

Any sort of forest can be created, ranging from a coniferous pine forest to a deciduous woodland, a tropical jungle, a subtropical rainforest, a mixed deciduous and coniferous wood, or a needleleaf taiga. Even the scattered copses of a mixed steppe can be made, or the stand-alone acacia and like trees of the savanna.

Illusionary Effect

The illusionary trees behave like genuine trees when cut. Yet, if any portion is removed from the spell's area of effect, , including wood chips from an axe striking the trunk or plucked leaves, those removed parts promptly vanish. Plucked leaves also disappear. Wood from the illusionary trees appear to burn and give heat, but in fact on cold nights the characters can't help their teeth chattering as they sit before the fire.

Disappearances have no effect on the whole illusionary forest. To fully unveil the illusion, spells such as penetrate disguise or dispel magic are required. Even then, the extent of the hallucinatory forest remains resistant, as dispel magic can only affect that area of the forest within the spell's range.

Multiple Forests

As the effect is permanent, a caster is free to create more than one forest if this is desired. However, only one hallucinatory forest for every three levels of the caster can be brought into existence. Thereafter, creating yet one more dispels the earliest forest the caster created automatically. Forests may exist side by side.

The caster must be within 80 ft. of an existing forest if he or she wishes to dispel a specific pre-created woods. Animal friends may not be called for from a hallucinatory forest.