Bard 3rd Level Spells

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The spells below are presented in a uniform format, comprising key details that outline each spell's limitations. These particulars include the spell's range, specifying the maximum distance it can affect; its duration, indicating how long the spell's effects persist; the area of effect, defining the dimensions of its influence post-casting; the casting time, which tells you how quickly the spell can be prepared and unleashed, or "discharged"; any potential saving throws, which denote whether targets can resist the spell's effects and the consequences thereof; and a brief description summarizing the spell's magical attributes.

Should you seek more comprehensive information about a particular spell, you can find it by following the provided links. An asterisk (*) serves as a sign that a full explanation of the spell's intricacies necessitates more space than currently available.

Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Description
cure disease touch permanent 1 creature 2 rounds special cures or causes disease
dispel magic 60 ft. permanent 30 ft. cube 2 rounds none* eliminates magic
hold animal 80 ft. 2 rounds/level up to 4 creatures 2 rounds negates immobilises animals
hypnotic pattern 20 ft. special 40 ft. circle, 4 HD/level 1 round negates enraptures observers into passivity
illusionary script
magical vestment touch 6 rounds/level 1 creature 2 rounds none creates magical armour
meld into stone self 8 +1 round/level special 1 AP none transforms the cleric into stone
remove paralysis touch permanent* 1 creature/level 2 rounds none* removes all forms of paralysis
speak with dead self special 1 creature 10 rounds none communicates with the dead
stone shape touch* permanent 3 +1 cub.ft./level 2 rounds none alters the shape of stone as desired

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