Gate (spell)

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Gate 01.jpg
Range self
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (7th)

Allows a higher creature from another plane of existence to step through a ‘gate’ between planes, so as to emerge upon the prime material plane.

The cleric is able to produce the gate onto other any imagined plane, but has little or no control over what creature will step through the gate. There is a 100% certainty that something will step through that has an intelligence of 8 or greater. Virtually any creature is possible, including heroes who are near demi-gods, titans, angels, demons and devils of all sorts, etc. Extraordinarily powerful creatures, or creatures of less significant strength, may chance to appear.

Whatever the creature, its first action will be to assess whatever the situation is, and seek to resolve it. If entering into a battle, it will always take the side of the cleric, regardless of the cleric’s religion or purposes.

If no threat is perceived — or once the threat is resolved — the creature will seek to negotiate with the cleric. Unless the cleric has some specific alternative in mind, typically creatures of the various planes will ask for that which is listed on the gated creature’s demands table (see below).

Typically, some sort of arrangement is possible — but if no compromise can be reached, the gated creature will seek to fight the party. Obviously, the strength of the party will determine how much haggling the gated creature is willing to do; a very strong party, one that can quite clearly defeat the creature, would likely be able to have demands of a year shortened to a period of weeks, days or even hours. Loss of abilities can be overlooked; promises to commit to activities such as raising a church, taking part in a battle or plundering a town may be postponed for long periods before they must be undertaken.

Take note, however, that once a bargain is struck, the gated creature will involve higher creatures—even a demi-god if necessary — to see to it that the agreement is upheld.

Always remember it is the cleric who chooses the plane with which to gate; the likely expectations of the creatures beyond should be considered when doing so.

plane of origin primary
Gehenna, Hell The indentured service of a leveled ally for a period of 1 year. Chance of survival: 3% per point of Charisma.
Hades, Tartarus The imprisonment of a leveled ally for a period of 1 year. 50% chance of loss of either 1-3 Wisdom or 1-3 Charisma.
Abyss A human or demi-human soul; sacrificial victim must roll a 4% chance per point of Charisma; failure indicates the soul is not viewed as a gain and another soul must be offered. Death results.
Pandemonium, Limbo Chosen leveled ally to suffer a random insanity, or the 50% loss of either Wisdom or Intelligence; will resist restoration of either 25% of the time.
Asgard, Gladsheim More than 90% of all allies (henchmen, followers and hirelings) must agree to partake in a given battle at the gated being's behest.
Olympus Leveled allies of the opposite gender must agree to sire and raise of the gated being, until the age of independence.
Hunting Grounds Caster must agree to partake in a vision quest, to visit a geographical location or seek wisdom from an unnatural source.
Elysium, Twin Paradises Caster must agree to surrender a sinful behavior: wrath, pride, lust, greed, sloth, gluttony or envy.
Seven Heavens, Arcadia Caster must agree to the establishment of a mission, or give substantial aid to the raising of a church or temple.
Nirvana Caster must give away all possessions and take a vow of poverty, for a period of 1 year.
Acheron More than 90% of all allies (henchmen, followers and hirelings) must agree to raze a village of no less than 100 denizens, leaving no one alive; all wealth gained must be sacrificed to the gated being.