Cleric 7th Level Spells

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Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Believer Description
avatar self special self 3 rounds none yes creates an incorporeal duplicate of the caster
control weather self 4-48 hours 4-16 sq. miles 3 rounds none no modifies existing weather in an area
earthquake 120 ft. 5 rounds 5 ft. radius/level 2 rounds none no causes an earthquake, bringing destruction
gate self permanent 1 creature 2 rounds none no summons a powerful being into the caster's presence
holy word self special 30 ft. radius 2 rounds negates* no utters a devastating spoken attack
regeneration touch permanent 1 creature's body part 3 rounds none no replaces a lost limb or body part
restoration touch permanent* 1 creature 3 rounds none no/yes restores lost energy levels that have been drained
resurrection touch permanent 1 creature 3 rounds none* no restores life to the dead
succor touch until used 4 objects* 3 rounds none yes returns the possessor of an object to caster's presence
symbol 5 ft. 1 round/level 40 ft. circle 2 rounds negates no inscribes a powerful symbol
wind passage touch 1 hour/level 1 creature* 3 rounds none yes allows rapid travel through the air

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