Restoration (spell)

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Restoration (spell).jpg
Range self
Duration Restoration
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 3 rounds
Saving Throw negates; see below
Level cleric (7th)

Restores all energy level to any creature who has suffered their loss, or temporarily raises the level of a creature by one, for as many rounds as the cleric has levels.

The first function can affect anyone, regardless of whether or not they are a member of the cleric’s religion. Hit points, powers and abilities are all permanently restored within a round of being touched.

The second function can only be cast upon a believer, and will allow a full increase in all abilities, as if the creature really were one level higher. It will also give creatures with no leveled ability whatsoever the additional strength of one level of ability.

The reverse of the spell, energy drain, permanently removes one energy level, or one hit die, from a creature that is touched. If the creature has 1 hit die, the spell will kill. There is no saving throw. The cleric must successfully hit AC 10 against an unwilling recipient.