Burning Hands (spell)

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Burning Hands (spell).jpg

Burning hands produces a searing flame in a horizontal sheet approximately six inches thick, immolating whatever creatures fall into the area of effect. The amount of damage caused equals 1 hit point per level of the caster.

Burning Hands
Range self
Duration 1 round
Area of Effect 120° fan, range 30 ft.
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none; see text
Level mage (1st)

Allies familiar with the spell should take note when the caster begins to cast the spell, prior to discharge, making an effort to get out of the way. All those engulfed in the flames will be affected, whether friend or foe. It's possible, if a wisdom check is made, to duck out below the flame's path. It's also worth noting that a tall spellcaster can easily direct the flame over the heads of dwarves, gnomes or halflings.

The plane of fire may be directed downwards or upwards; it may also be narrowed so as to protect others from the flame's path. The discharge emerges from the caster's fingertips, so his or her hands must be empty to employ the spell.

Flammable materials, such as paper, loose fibres and open oil, must make a saving throw against magical fire or be ignited. The heat of the flames and the endurance are insufficient to harm woven clothing, wood, leather, metal, glass, foods and other like materials, though some foods could be significantly browned by the spell.