Remove Paralysis (spell)

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Remove Paralysis overcomes the attack form of paralysation, restoring the affected person so that they are again capable of movement. The spell is also effective against spells such as hold person or hypnotism.

Remove Paralysis
Range touch
Duration permanent; see text
Area of Effect 1 creature per level
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none; see reverse
Level bard (3rd); cleric (3rd)

The restoration is immediate, but it requires a combat round for the character to acquire his or her senses before taking action; during this time, the character's armour class is restored. Further, if the victim has been paralysed for a period of 5 or combat rounds, he or she will suffer a -2 penalty to hit that lasts 1-3 rounds after the spell is used.


The reverse of the spell, paralyse, enables the caster to paralyse one creature per two experience levels the caster possesses (half as many creatures as the normal spell). To accomplish this during combat, the caster must attempt to hit. The enemy's armour is ignored; the caster needs to hit armour class 10 to succeed — whereupon the victim is paralysed for 1-6 rounds, plus 1 round per level of the caster. Creatures are allowed a saving throw against this effect.