Komodo Lizard

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Komodo Lizard
Species lizard
No. Appearing 1–2
Behaviour presocial
Range jungle
Size 9 ft. long
Weight 140 lbs.
Intelligence 2
Armour Class 6
Hit Dice 3
Action Points 5
Max. Stride {{{stride}}}
THAC0 19
Hp/Die d6
Attack Forms bite
Damage 1–8
Special Attacks venom

Also called the Komodo dragon, this is a species of lizard found in the East Indies, southern India and the east coast of Africa. They hunt and ambush their prey, which are usually small mammals or birds, but incidents with humanoids do occur, particularly with children. Even seemingly docile dragons can be unpredictably aggressive, especially when the animal's territory is invaded.


Myth has it that the Komodo dragon is able to give birth through parthenogenesis, or without the need to mate. The legend has evolved from incidents in which a single dragon was able to reach a small, isolated island; and how, within a few years, the island became overrun with dragons.

The poisonous venom of these animals has no immediate effect; but is an anti-coagulant. Any creature bitten by the Komodo must make a saving throw against poison. If this fails, the venom will thin the victim's blood for a week, so that any wounds that are sustained will bleed double the normal number of hit points each round. This effect can be cured by neutralise poison.

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