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Species chthonic
No. Appearing 5–40
Behaviour mind slaves
Range Abyss, Hell, subterranean, Tartarus
Size 5–6 ft. long
Weight 120–140 lbs.
Intelligence 2
Armour Class 7
Hit Dice 1
Action Points 3
Max. Stride 3
THAC0 20
Hp/Die d6
Attack Forms 1: fangs
Damage 2–5
Special Attacks none

Larvae are transformed souls that have suffered the torments of hell long enough that they have ceases to be conscious of their suffering. This allows their use by demons to act as creatures merely as material to be expended or otherwise used. There are millions of such creatures, who may have been among the most evil in life but are now pathetic at best.


Some demons and other creatures keep some for the pleasure of gorging upon them, condemning them to the belly of the tormentor until they are disgorged or expelled like feces. They lay in heaps throughout the lower planes, where they are a plague upon souls more recently entered. It is not uncommon to find many of them about in the chambers of significant demons and devils. They infest subterranean places, having entered through a gate of some kind, only to wander aimlessly, without even the need to eat. They have no purpose and no mind, but they will attack any whom they encounter.

From these places they are collected by night hags, lichs, mind flayers and similar monsters, to serve as defenders and distractions. They can be counted upon to give warning, should some unwanted interloper appear.

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