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These creatures are commonly hunters and carnivores, but also include a dull-witted class of animals that can be domesticated, such as sheep, goats and tamed cattle. Some such creatures have an intelligence above 2, but this is the minimum number without the use of magic.

Brave creatures are capable of fondness, loyalty and angry; as a result, many creatures with this level of intelligence form familial and "pack" bonds, especially lower-order carnivores that are canine or feline. Family relationships may last for life. Commonly, a strong bond is formed with a single mate if the creature participates in sexual reproduction, supporting each other when caring for their offspring. They hunt and attack any creature the group feels it can overcome, or succeed in breaking apart so as to chase down one individual as prey. If confronted, they are aggressive and defensive, giving ground only when forced to do so — though in some cases the stance of defense is a ruse to throw off an enemy so the creature can flee. In combat, brave creatures prefer to use pack-tactics to hunt prey.

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