Sure-footedness (sage study)

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Sure-footedness is a sage study in the field of Skulduggery, enabling the character to move adroitly over difficult, rough, vertical and even impossible surfaces. These include cliffs, precipitous slopes, high ledges, rooftops, crossbeams and tight-ropes. The study includes some characteristics of acrobatics.

Primarily, the study ensure the character's ability to cross dangerous environments without the hazard of a dexterity check. In addition, skill at placing one's feet provides an unusual ability to move silently and approach an enemy without being seen or heard.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Scrambling: skill at climbing steep terrains or urban environments, where handholds and ledges are common.
  • Stability: the ability to retain the body's equilibrium in situations where the character might fall.
  • Stealth: improvement in the character's ability to approach others without being seen or heard.

Authority Status

  • Beam Walking: enables the character to safely balance on a beam or ledge regardless of the height.
  • Climb Walls: the ability to climb a vertical surface with efficiency.
  • Hand-over-Hand: allows the character to climb rope without needing to hold on with their feet, doubling the speed of climbing.

Expert Status

  • Parkour: enables rapid movement through jumbled, complex environments.
  • Water Skip: allows the character to find brief purchase upon liquid surfaces.

Sage Status

  • Air Skip: allows the character to find brief purchase on nothing but a breeze.

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