Skulduggery (sage field)

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Skulduggery is a sage field available to assassins and thieves, allowing for participation in underhanded or unscrupulous personal behaviour, enabling practices that are disreputable, unethical or illegal — as well as specifically enriching the character's self-awareness.

The field includes the following sage studies:

  • Backstabbing: a blow that strikes at the weak point in a humanoid, enabling a less certain chance of death but a more certain chance of crippling an opponent.
  • Empowerment: training the mind to act wholly in concert with the body, to achieve higher focus and a greater mental flow.
  • Heightened Senses: improves sensitivity in the character's five senses, enabling a higher degree of perception and self-protection.
  • Setting Traps: setting up or disabling mechanical devices for the purpose of detaining, damagine, wounding, injuring or killing unwanted trespassers.
  • Sure-footedness: climbing and negotiating difficult or rough surfaces safely, or with great secrecy and silence.

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