Clairvoyance (spell)

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Clairvoyance is a spell that grants the caster the ability to visually see a given location in his or her mind, including all that's within 60 ft. of that specific place. This allows seeing all that's happening there and describing such to any nearby listeners. In effect, the caster's senses are projected to the location, while granting the power of ultravision to circumvent the possible lack of natural light when the spell is used.

Range self
Duration 6 rounds per level
Area of Effect one location
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level mage (3rd)

The place must be familiar, but it may be of any distance from the caster. The caster is able to look over any part of the location where he or she has been — cellars, stairwells, inside cupboards, under beds, through every room and so on. Areas surrounding in the location that the caster has never been, perhaps the house next door, wouldn't be revealed by the spell.

The caster is free to use other spells in tandem with clairvoyance, notably clairaudience, which has the same range. Other dweomers that might also benefit in use with clairvoyance include message, teleportation and avatar, since it's possible to see that the message is received, or pinpoint the exact location where one might wish to appear.

While employing the spell, the caster is deemed to be blind to his or her surroundings. The spell can be withheld and re-invoked within the time duration, should the caster need to examine something or take some other action, such as casting a spell or urging for others to "get over there at once," since the location being viewed might well be nearby.

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