Divination (spell)

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Range self
Duration special
Area of Effect 1 question; see below
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (4th)

Provides complex answers to questions which the cleric asks of the gods. Any question may be asked.

Answers will be accurate, but precise. A question which would normally yield a yes/no response — “are there more than ten?” — will be answered yes/no.

Questions which may expect a qualification — “Is he old?” — would be answered along with a specification of the man’s precise age.

Complex questions — “Have they been marching a long time in order to save the city, and have they enough men to do it?” — would be answered completely, so long as the question does not employ more than three phrases.

The cleric has a 60% + 1% chance per level of having his or her question answered, which the cleric rolls against. A successful roll gets a true answer. An unsuccessful roll gets no answer.

In the case of a successful roll, the cleric is allowed to ask another question … and may continue to do so as long as they successfully receive answers.

See Abulafia, Abraham (1240-1291)