Megalania Lizard

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Species lizard
No. Appearing 1–2
Behaviour presocial
Range desert, savanna, wetland
Size 23 ft. long
Weight 1,350 lbs.
Intelligence 2
Armour Class 5
Hit Dice 5
Action Points 5
Max. Stride
THAC0 18
Hp/Die d12
Attack Forms fangs
Damage 3–18
Special Attacks snap, venom

Megalania are cold-blooded giants inhabiting grassy or sandy environments. They do not crawl, but walk comfortably upon all four feet. They are equally comfortable laying in the hot sun or while submerged in fresh, warm waters. A meat eater, they feed upon medium and large-sized animals, particularly hoofed mammals, large cats and wild dogs. Megalania and crocodiles tend to be territorial with regards to each other, but they have been known to fight and eat their competitors.


The poisonous venom of these animals has no immediate effect; but is an anti-coagulant. Any creature bitten by the megalania must make a saving throw against poison. If this fails, the venom will thin the victim's blood for a week, so that any wounds that are sustained will bleed double the normal number of hit points each round. This effect can be cured by neutralise poison.

These creatures have very powerful jaws that snap, causing greater damage. When a megalania rolls a natural 20, the damage done is quadruple, not double; each successive 20 then increases this multiplier by 1, so that a second 20 would mean quintuple damage and a third would be hextuple.

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